Products, 2008     New Guages

New luminis gauges now available in a wide range.
Gauges lit up when 12V ignition is suppllied and no more vaccum hoses required to go through the firewall. A seperate external MAP sensor is supplied with the kit. Volt, AMP, boost, and speedo.

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We stock GARRETT and TURBONETICS turbo chargers.
With a wide range of turbine and compressor housings, turbine shafts and compressor wheels. Please phone for the right combinations...
Turbo Chargers
Brake Kits
Turbo Manifolds
Silicone Hose: Straights, 45 degree & 90 degree bends

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Latest Arrivals

New wastegates: and springs.
38, 40mm, 46mm, 50mm and 60mm.

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